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Boomerangs and Crackerjacks cover

             The Harmonica in Australia 1825 to 1960

          by Ray Grieve

This is the long awaited new book by Ray Grieve,
the follow-up to his successful and sought after
A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket.

The book is a collector's edition
as copies are strictly limited.

As a companion to the book Ray has compiled and produced a CD of original recordings by Australian champions on Boomerang, Crackajack and Hohner harmonicas.

Both are available to purchase online.

Crackajack harmonica

Book Features

arrow Over 40 newly discovered Australian mouth organ poems and limericks from 1913

arrow Established time that the first mouth organs arrived in Australia

arrow The story of the song "Home, Sweet Home", the 'companion song' of the mouth organ

arrow A woman player was responsible for the initial popularity of the instrument in Australia

arrow A look at the mouth organ displays at the International Exhibitions of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in the 1880s

arrow 200 illustrations of mouth organs available in Australia from the 1800s to 1960

arrow How the mouth organ played an important role in World War1 and World War 2

arrow The true identity of Professor Dickens revealed: Australia's first mouth organ recording artist

arrow Musical genres of the harmonica include old-time popular music, jazz and folk.

arrow Horrie Dargie's harmonicas lost at sea

arrowThe story of Dick Robertson (1930s recording artist) and his 'Home, Sweet Home': now a national treasure.

arrowA school band pioneered the harmonica on radio

arrow A look at collectable mouth organ memorabilia

arrow The story of the 'Band in a Waistcoat Pocket' book launch in 1995 which reunited Australia's harmonica legends.


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Band in the Waistcoat Pocket


The Story of the Harmonica in Australia

by Ray Grieve

  Now available!

Final copies of Ray Grieve's original book "A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket" (Published in 1995) -now out of print with only a limited number left  in stock.'


available to purchase online.